The Volpé Consortium, Inc. is an independent business consulting and project management firm specializing in the areas of Business Operations, Project Management, Technology Solutions, and Training. Since our founding, our mission has been to partner with clients to integrate conflict-free consulting and deep subject matter expertise for senior management, resulting in sustainable solutions to complex business challenges.

A business relationship with The Volpé Consortium, Inc. delivers world class, mission critical, practical solutions that drive high value at a reasonable cost.  Our goal is to exceed every client’s expectations across our full portfolio of services with professional consultants driving bottom line results.  Our dedication to providing solutions tailored to your environment delivered by experienced resources is evident in every service we provide.

The Volpé Consortium, Inc. assists your organization to develop thorough business requirements translated into specific deliverables that are tracked and executed upon to ensure success.  Our dedication to concise execution strategies allows us to build long-term successful relationships with our clients based on leadership, trust, understanding, and proven experience.  The best professional consultants combined with proven, innovative processes and technologies drive successful businesses in good times and bad.  At The Volpé Consortium, Inc., we provide the proven, established resources to ensure business success driven by your organization’s specific needs.

Our services have been proven to drive success across multiple industries and business disciplines. Please use the menu system on this web site to navigate our services portfolio.